McDonagh Sisters - SBS ( hour documentary)

  • Director:

    Rebecca Barry

  • Producer(s):

    Kathy Sport

  • Writer:

    Rebecca Barry

  • Screenings:

    • Broadcast on SBS
    • Flickerfest 2004
    • WOW Festival 2004
  • Awards:

    • Best Documentary Screen Critics Circle Awards AFTRS
    • Award for Technical Excellence – International Student Documentary Festival Chicago
  • Synopsis:

    In the 1920s, Isabel, Phyllis and Paulette McDonagh were sisters, best friends and business partners. Together they were the first Australian women to form their own film company. Amazing footage from their films that has survived and been preserved, combined with interviews, archival photographs, and colourful re-enactments describe a remarkable life of women making movies more than 70 years ago.

Rebecca Barry