Inspiring Teachers - SBS (4 x 30 min documentary series)

  • Director:

    Rebecca Barry

  • Producer(s):

    Michaela Perske

  • Production Co:

    Red Ithaka Productions

  • Camera:

    Dom Egan & Rebecca Barry

  • Writer:

    Rebecca Barry & Michaela Perkse

  • Screenings:

    • Broadcast on SBS
  • Synopsis:

    Teachers are the unsung heroes of our community. Many people can remember at least one teacher who inspired them during their formative years - someone who played a pivotal role in their lives.

    In a series of four half hour programs we follow four teachers to explore what makes them inspiring and what impact they have on students. The series celebrates the work of teachers who are often undervalued. Where does this passion for teaching derive from and how is it conveyed to pupils?

    Shot as observational portraits each episode features one teacher, following them from the classroom to their extra curricular work and the relationships with their students, parents and the community at large.

  • Press:

    • "This documentary series sounds as if it will be dull and worthy but tonights episode is life-affirming and utterly charming" Judy Adamson - The Age
    • THUMPS UP "This simple, well executed series follows four teachers whose dedication to their profession and students is, as the title says, inspiring" Greg Hassal - Sydney Morning Herald

    • "Gold star for teacher doco" Kathryn Kernohan - Melbourne Times
    • "This is gratifying and rewarding viewing. Strongly recommended" Doug Anderson - The Sydney Morning Herald

Rebecca Barry