• Director:

    Rebecca Barry

  • Producer(s):

    Rebecca Barry

  • Co-Producer(s):

    Ester Harding

  • Camera:

    Nicola Daley

  • Writer:

    Rebecca Barry

  • Screenings:

    • Cinema Release 2013 (Palace and Cinema Nova)
    • Official Selection Sarasota International Film Festival 2014
    • Official Selection Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival 2013
    • ABC Acquisition
  • Awards:

    Nominated Best Feature Documentary AACTA
    Nominated Best Direction Documentary AACTA
    Nominated Best Editing in a Documentary AACTA
    Nominated Best Cinematography in a Documentary AACTA
    Nominated Best Direction Feature Documentary ADG

  • Synopsis:

    Six girls on the brink of womanhood, ready to become something extraordinary...

    There is a group of people in the world today who are more persecuted than anyone else, but they are not political or religious activists. They are girls. Being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage than any other group on the planet. As each girl moves closer to coming of age, I AM A GIRL, a feature length documentary, reveals what it means to grow up female in the 21st century.

    Selected for HOT DOCS Forum in Toronto 2011
    Selected for Docedge, Kolkata 2012.

  • Press:

    “Extraordinarily powerful” - Oscar Hillerstrom, Popcorn Taxi

    "There are moments and images in this film that will stay with you for a long time." - Popcorn Taxi

    " **** 4 Stars... Filmmaker Rebecca Barry’s ambitious global project I Am a Girl excels at microcosmic detail and macrocosmic insight in its cross-cultural study of six young women and the issues that impact them. Deeply inspirational and succinctly moving, her feature-length documentary debut is a beautifully understated, quietly profound achievement” – Simon Foster, SBS Film

    "The powerful, poignant documentary, I Am A Girl, is dangerous and heartbreaking, tragic and frightening… but also inspirational and uplifting… Ultimately, I Am A Girl strikes a note of hope – here is strength, here is courage, here is determination, and they are stronger than the forces that say being a girl is second best. It is also a call to arms that says: we still have far to go.” - The Hoopla

    "This isn't a sponsored post. But you NEED to buy tickets to this movie." – Mamamia

    “This is a film about the things that unite us. It reminds us that under our skins, cultures and the ways we choose to adorn ourselves, we’re not so very different. It’s fly on the wall cinema, a masterpiece of open and honest engagement.” – Megaphone Oz, Marina Dobson

Rebecca Barry